• Air Transat Relies on AD OPT for Optimized Pairings and Preferential Bidding Solutions

    Airlines with complex operations can no longer rely on software solutions that simply automate planning processes. While the number of aircraft is a factor, complexity can also be measured by how many aircraft and routes the airline operates, the rules and regulations they must abide by, and specialized factors such as language requirements. With so […]

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    February 04, 2019
  • Air Canada Improves Scheduling Efficiency and Crewmember Satisfaction with Altitude PBS

    With a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft, Air Canada transports passengers to 250 destinations around the world. Air Canada is the tenth largest international carrier and employs 33,000 people worldwide, including 3,100 pilots. As a leader in global air transportation, including a top ranking by independent air safety consultants as the world’s safest airline, Air […]

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    January 28, 2019
  • Qantas: Operational Clarity, Efficiency and Bottom Line Soar with Automated and Optimized Manpower Planning Processes

    Airlines of various sizes have the difficult and complex task of establishing and maintaining appropriate staffing levels, managing crewmember career progression, and effectively allocating training and vacation. As with most major airlines, manpower planning at Qantas – Australia’s nationally and internationally renowned carrier – is a highly challenging process. Prior to 2001, Qantas relied on […]

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    January 28, 2019
  • The Complex Mathematics Hidden Behind Airline Schedules

    For an airline company, managing schedules is a mathematical puzzle. In fact, it is such a complex mathematical problem that it is impossible to solve perfectly. At Air Transat, for example, a company that employs thousands of people, one must take into account constraints from collective agreements, vacation time, and family obligations, without forgetting airport […]

    March 06, 2019
  • WestJet Optimized Crew Planning with AD OPT

    Karen Mclennan,  Chief Crew Planning, WestJet Karen Mclennan explains how WestJet increased operations efficiency and reduced crew related costs using AD OPT’s Crew Planning Optimization Solutions.

    March 05, 2019
  • Atlas Air Automates and Optimizes Crew Planning process

    Choukri Sabbagh, Senior Crew Planner, Atlas Air tells us how AD OPT’s automated crew pairing optimization solution helped Atlas streamline their airline crew planning process and achieve significant cost savings.

    February 28, 2019
  • Qantas Optimizes Manpower Planning Processes with AD OPT

    Tom Lonergan, Manager Ops Standardisation & Resourcing, Qantas Airways Altitude Insight streamlines resource planning and allocation processes to help airlines accurately forecast the impact of future events on manpower requirements, such as new aircraft deliveries and additional flight schedules, and gain rapid return on investment.

    February 05, 2019
  • AD OPT Crew Planning Solutions Optimize Operational Efficiency

    John Allarie, Director of Sales, AD OPT John Allarie explains how Altitude Crew Planning Solutions help airlines achieve true operational efficiency, reduce operational costs while increasing crewmember quality of life.

    January 28, 2019
  • The AD OPT Advantage

    AD OPT is the leading provider of crew planning optimization solutions for the airline industry.  See how AD OPT can help you streamline your operations and improve your crew members quality of life.

    January 05, 2019
  • Managing Operational Change with Crew Pairing Optimization

    More than ever, airlines risk potential losses in millions due to increased competition, technical innovation, and changes to international policy and industry practices. Even temporary disruptions to daily service can have a serious impact on the bottom line. Operations departments are under constant pressure to perform so that internal targets for growth and profitability can […]

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    March 06, 2019
  • The Preferential Bidding System at Air Canada

    from the GERAD Journals by Michel Gamache, François Soumis, Daniel Villeneuve, Jacques Desrosiers, and Éric Gélinas This paper describes the Preferential Bidding Problem solved in the airline industry to construct personalized monthly schedules for pilots and officers. This problem consists in assigning to crew members pairings, days off, annual leaves, training periods, etc., while considering […]

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    March 01, 2019
  • Benders Decomposition for Simultaneous Aircraft Routing and Crew Scheduling (in French)

    from the GERAD Journals by Jean-François Cordeau, Goran Stojković, François Soumis, and Jacques Desrosiers Given a set of flight legs to be flown by a single type of aircraft, the simultaneous aircraft routing and crew scheduling problem consists of determining a minimum-cost set of aircraft routes and crew pairings such that each flight leg is […]

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    February 20, 2019
  • Bombardier Flexjet Significantly Improves its Fractional Aircraft Ownership Operations

    from the GERAD Journals by Richard Hicks, Richard Madrid, Chris Milligan, Robert Pruneau, Mike Kanaley, Yvan Dumas, Benoit Lacroix, Jacques Desrosiers, and François Soumis The fractional aircraft market is the fastest growing segment of the business aircraft industry. A fractional aircraft operation is complex – essentially an unscheduled airline in a constantly changing environment. Bombardier […]

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    February 06, 2019
  • Periodic Airline Fleet Assignment with Time Windows, Spacing Constraints, and Time Dependent Revenues

    from the GERAD Journals by Nicolas Bélanger, Guy Desaulniers, François Soumis, and Jacques Desrosiers Given the sets of flights and aircraft of an airline carrier, the fleet assignment problem consists of assigning the most profitable aircraft type to each flight. In this paper we propose a model for the periodic fleet assignment problem with time […]

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    January 06, 2019