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  • Air Canada Improves Scheduling Efficiency and Crewmember Satisfaction with Altitude PBS (en anglais)

    With a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft, Air Canada transports passengers to 250 destinations around the world. Air Canada is the tenth largest international carrier and employs 33,000 people worldwide, including 3,100 pilots. As a leader in global air transportation, including a top ranking by independent air safety consultants as the world’s safest airline, Air […]

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    mars 03, 2019
  • Air Transat Relies on AD OPT for Optimized Pairings and Preferential Bidding Solutions (Anglais)

    Airlines with complex operations can no longer rely on software solutions that simply automate planning processes. While the number of aircraft is a factor, complexity can also be measured by how many aircraft and routes the airline operates, the rules and regulations they must abide by, and specialized factors such as language requirements. With so […]

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    février 02, 2019
  • Qantas: Operational Clarity, Efficiency and Bottom Line Soar with Automated and Optimized Manpower Planning Processes (en anglais)

    Airlines of various sizes have the difficult and complex task of establishing and maintaining appropriate staffing levels, managing crewmember career progression, and effectively allocating training and vacation. As with most major airlines, manpower planning at Qantas – Australia’s nationally and internationally renowned carrier – is a highly challenging process. Prior to 2001, Qantas relied on […]

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    janvier 01, 2019