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Altitude BLISS

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Altitude BLISS

Altitude BLISS allows airlines to optimize all aspects of the bidline process automatically while building high-quality lines and promoting crewmember satisfaction. By eliminating the need to employ homegrown solutions, Altitude BLISS simplifies the complex bidline process.

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    Allows planners to build the highest quality lines by offering user-driven, flexible line generation

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    Helps control Bidline quality while accommodating crew preferences

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    Simplifies the bidding process through a 
web-based interface

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Airlines required to follow a traditional bidline process, can build high quality lines faster than ever, while benefiting from AD OPT’s advanced optimization technology to accommodate crew preferences, rules, policies, and internal growth strategies. A streamlined process that makes crew rostering a snap? Now that’s BLISS

The crew interface enables crewmembers to easily submit their bids. Based on an extensive set of criteria, the interface also allows crewmembers to sort their bid packages in order of desirability, completely eliminating the time-consuming task of manually sorting through bid packages

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Altitude BLISS (Bidline Integrated Scheduling System) simplifies the complex process of balancing crew quality of life with operational objectives in one seamless solution, eliminating the need for homegrown alternatives or multi-vendor systems. Maximizing crew quality of life is at the core of Altitude BLISS.

It offers crew members:

  • Remote access through the user-friendly intuitive crew Interface
  • Standing bid protection
  • A fair and efficient way to manage a work/life balance

Crew planners will appreciate:

  • A flexible system to meet operational objectives
  • Accurate and centralized data
  • An automated line analyzer

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Altitude BLISS creates the highest quality of lines in a unique approach that meets both crewmembers and airline needs. The bidding process is simplified through a web-based interface that allows bid packages to be sorted according to desirability criteria. Planners, crewmembers, and airline organizations benefit from a seamless process that allows for accurate and centralized data that minimizes the risk of human error.

Featuring a user-driven line generator, planners can interact and make changes to the line generator on their own. With the automatic generation of lines — optimally complying with quality criteria — while taking scheduling rules, civil aviation and contractual rules, and operational constraints, such as reserve coverage needs into account, planners can make changes according to the quality criteria they specify.



The Intuitive Crew Interface is a touch friendly interface accessible through web or mobile devices, specifically designed to simplify the monthly crew bidding processes. The intuitive interface offers remote access to submit preferences or requests anytime anywhere, enabling crew members to easily manage work schedules and personal interests. Thanks to its state-of-the-art mobile friendly design, it allows crew members to view all bid options, add, remove and update bids in a single view.

Discover Crew Interface
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    Intuitive design allows crew members to view all bid options, and update bids in a single view

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    Delivers valuable insight that minimizes a sense of blind bidding

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    Provides a live legality checker to ensure the validity of the crew members’ requests