Generate Efficient Crew-Friendly Rosters

Crew rostering is a critical component of airline operations. AD OPT’s optimized crew planning and scheduling solutions, help airlines preserve efficient operations while maintaining crew quality of life for both pilots and flight attendants.

  • Altitude PBS

    Our Preferential Bidding System supports a wide variety of seniority bidding models, to create highly personalized monthly schedules that satisfy both cockpit and cabin crew preferences while balancing business objectives (crew quality of life considerations and company rules, to union regulations and cost constraints).


  • Altitude Rostering

    Our Altitude Rostering solution manages operational constraints (such as productivity, block hour distribution, standby coverage, and open-time control), while incorporating a wide range of crew request types. With these quality metrics in place, crew planners can achieve optimal crew rosters that improve crew quality of life without jeopardizing operational objectives.


  • Altitude BLISS

    Altitude BLISS offers a unique approach to balancing crew member and airline needs. It enables airlines to reduce operational costs while making crew quality of life a priority – a smart way to boost employee retention and maintain competitive edge


  • Crew Interface

    The intuitive Crew Interface is a touch-friendly interface accessible through desktop or mobile devices designed to simplify the bidding process. This elegantly designed crew interface will further enable crew members to easily manage work schedules and personal interests.