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Crew Pairing

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Crew Pairing

Optimizing airline crew pairings may seem like rocket science, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the science behind AD OPT’s Altitude Pairing™ solution does all the work for you – a seamless, robust system to achieve the best possible crew pairings for maximum efficiency.

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    Builds roster-friendly pairings meeting all rules, regulations and fatigue targets

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    Balances productivity, operational robustness and cost performance

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    Helps airlines save up to 15% in crew costs

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Altitude Pairing optimizes crew pairing production within single, or multi-base contexts, enabling planners to take all costs into consideration while respecting collective agreements, regulations, and business objectives.

  • Automatically generates the most efficient pairings, taking hotel costs, per diem rates, deadheads, as well as business and contractual rules into consideration, providing optimal pairings in a reasonable timeframe
  • Deliver complex pairing solutions quickly and easily: planners can create pairings, filter trips and legs based on a wide range of criteria.
  • Provide “snapshots” capabilities: a complete audit trail system that stores all modifications, along with user comments . A previous state can also be recovered at any time allowing for comparisons between various outcomes to evaluate the best possible solution.

Give your crew planners the advanced tools to help transform your airline into a progressive and proactive organization. The benefits of a more efficient planning department go straight to your bottom line.

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Thanks to AD OPT’s advanced solver capabilities, crew planners are able to explore and analyze unlimited ”what-if” scenarios to:

  • Deliver complex pairing solutions quickly and easily
  • Assess the cost impact of changes
  • Forecast and plan for future occurrences
  • Develop long-term strategies