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AD OPT is the leading provider of crew planning optimization solutions for the airline industry. Our software suite helps airlines reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and improve crew member quality of life.

  • Cost

    Fuel, Aircraft, and crew are the three key cost drivers for airlines. Because of the number of crew employed by airlines, even small improvements in productivity can have a significant impact on an airline’s profitability which can translate into several millions of dollars of cost savings.

  • Outstanding Customer

    At AD OPT we thrive to provide a unique experience to each and every customer. We nurture our customers from the very beginning of our relationship by anticipating and responding to their needs efficiently, throughout their journey with us.

  • Maximized

    Our crew planning solutions allow you to build robust and efficient crew-friendly pairings and rosters, that ensure that your crew satisfaction is maintained at the desired level.


  • Intuitive Crew

    Designed with the customer in mind, our software delivers advanced functionality in a user-friendly environment, helping planners better focus on the task at hand.

Harness the Power of Optimized Crew Planning

Harness the Power of Optimized Crew Planning

Our Crew Planning Optimization Solutions are driven by our powerful optimization solver, GENCOL– a column generation method developed to solve large-scale complex problems. AD OPT has successfully applied this advanced technology to solve complex airline crew planning issues in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Discover our Technology


Crew Pairing

Altitude Pairing is a dynamic and flexible application that builds cost effective, crew friendly and highly optimized and robust pairings, while maintaining full compliance with company rules, operational requirements, contractual agreements and government regulations.

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Crew Rostering

Whether your airline operates in seniority, fair-share, or bid line, our crew planning software will provide you with the best solutions that will enable you to reach optimum efficiency while ensuring crew quality of life.

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Manpower Planning

Altitude Insight is a comprehensive resource planning that empowers airlines with tools to strategically plan efficient crew manpower levels. It also allows airlines to accurately forecast for future events, manage risks and uncertainties through “what-if” Scenarios.

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Our superior support services

AD OPT’s dedicated team includes highly trained professionals with unsurpassed product knowledge and crew planning experience.

  • Seamless

    From the very beginning of our relationship, we make sure that your journey with us is smooth and burden-free by providing you with personalized support to respond to your specific needs.


  • Proactive

    Proactive assessment allows our experts to address any issues your may encounter with your applications, before they occur without impacting your productivity.

  • Comprehensive

    AD OPT’s Training Program includes a personalized course portfolio covering all the skills and knowledge required to efficiently use our Altitude crew planning solutions suite.

  • Tailored

    AD OPT’s crew planning team has both the airline industry knowledge and technical skills to optimize all your crew pairing, rostering and manpower activities quickly, efficiently and on-time.

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