Column Generation

GENCOL (GÉNération de COLonnes) is our core technology for producing real-world airline crew scheduling solutions.

Column generation is an optimization strategy that allows a huge number of variables to be considered in solving large-scale complex problems. AD OPT’s GENCOL solver harnesses the power of the Danzig-Wolfe decomposition algorithm, other robust algorithms, Cplex engines and heuristics to achieve best results in both economic and human terms.

Award-winning technology

The brainchild of researchers Jacques Desrosiers and François Soumis, GENCOL and its researchers have received many prestigious awards — namely, the Canadian Operational Research Society (1994 and 1996), the Operational Research Society of America (1986) and the European Association of Operations Research (1983).

Proven innovators in this area of research, AD OPT continues to collaborate with GERAD to push the boundaries of column generation technology to new heights.

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