Why Optimization?

Get advanced technology working for you

Optimization solutions completely automate the crew planning and scheduling process, enabling airline planning departments to concentrate on strategic planning and forecasting, problem solving, and impact analysis. An advanced solving engine not only reduces manual effort, but can perform complex analyses faster and more accurately than any other solution to deliver best operational results.

The key to operations excellence

AD OPT’s award-winning optimization technology set the industry standard in optimization and bidding solutions. The AD OPT solutions suite is built on this advanced solving engine, offering crew planning teams powerful yet easy to use tools that can be customized to their specific needs:

  • Altitude PairingBuild optimal crew pairings while respecting rules, collective agreements and government regulations
  • Altitude InsightManage integrated manpower requirements from a single view for efficient strategic resource planning
  • Altitude PBSHarness the power of preferential bidding to balance crew needs and business objectives
  • Altitude Rostering: Streamline crew rostering to fairly distribute work using equalization criteria

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