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What-if experts handled crew planning for you?

Now here's a winning scenario for best results! The analysis is clear: outsourcing crew planning activities to AD OPT is a cost-effective way to achieve operations excellence.

With more than 22 years of crew planning expertise, AD OPT's production team has both the airline industry knowledge and technical skills to optimize all your crew pairing, planning, scheduling and rostering activities quickly, efficiently and on-time.

Reliable decision support

It can be difficult and time-consuming for in-house staff to consistently deliver optimal crew scheduling. AD OPT experts can handle your complete monthly production runs or offer decision support through specific activities, such as:

  • what-if analysis during union negotiations
  • investigating the impact of changes to business rules
  • building optimization strategies for quick implementation
  • testing scenarios for production ease and speed

Cost-effective and hassle-free

AD OPT's turnkey production services not only offer burden-free crew planning, but deliver significant cost savings as well. Airlines benefit from:

  • No software or hardware purchase required
  • No technical system to upgrade or maintain
  • Access to expert crew planners without the overhead
  • Reduced training costs to maintain in-house expertise

Our planning experts can provide real-world, optimal planning solutions for your operations

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