Altitude VBS

A vacation from a complex bidding process

Altitude VBS (Vacation Bidding System) automates and simplifies the airline vacation bidding process. The system automatically evaluates vacation awards according to contract rules, seniority, crew member eligibility, crew member bids, and vacation period availability. Planners can create optimal awards more effectively, while crew members gain timely access to bid on prime vacation slots quickly and easily.

Efficiency in vacation planning

With Altitude VBS, crew members can influence their vacation awards by:

  • using a web-based interface anytime anywhere
  • directly entering degrees of preferences for certain slots
  • re-bidding on new opportunities as they become available
  • getting timely access to prime vacation slots

Crew planners can define availabilities more accurately by:

  • Creating pre-awards according to contract rules
  • Using historical and current data to simulate awards
  • Evaluating which vacation plans work best

With more a satisfied crew and productive planners, airlines benefit from a cost-effective and optimized vacation bidding process.

AD OPT’s crew vacation bidding system, Altitude VBS, integrates seamlessly with:

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