Quality Rosters Balance Fairness,
Fatigue Risk with Operational Integrity

Altitude Rostering

Altitude Rostering manages operational constraints (such as productivity, block hour distribution, standby coverage, and open-time control), while incorporating a wide range of crew request types. With these quality metrics in place, crew planners can achieve optimal crew rosters that improve crew quality of life without jeopardizing operational objectives.

A Fair Share for Airlines and Crew

Altitude Rostering™ is a comprehensive solution for airlines operating under a fair share - equity crew scheduling model. It enables crew planners to fairly distribute work based on pre-defined equalization criteria, creating optimal monthly schedules for both cabin and cockpit crew members.

Balance crew requests and operational objectives

A fully customizable solution, Altitude Rostering balances dynamic rostering issues according to specific organizational requirements to deliver significant cost savings and fast return on investment. Thanks to its intuitive iBid Crew interface, crewmembers can enter their preferences while ensuring operational efficiency.

Built on AD OPT's award-winning optimization engine, it enables crew planners to:

  • Explore and analyze unlimited ''what-if'' scenarios
  • Evaluate crew member requests
  • Assess the cost impact of changes
  • Respect legal constraints and equalization criteria
  • Avoid conflicts with carry-in or pre-assigned activities

Fully customized, automated and optimized to unique operations constraints

Altitude Rostering strikes the perfect balance between strategic objectives and crew quality of life

Etihad Airways uses Altitude Rostering to optimize their scheduling process

Richard Hill

Chief Operations Officer, Etihad Airways

Xander Bremer

vice president of flight operation, transavia.com

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