Maximize Crew Satisfaction
and Minimize Crew Costs

Altitude PBS

AD OPT pioneered the global approach to preferential bidding systems – setting the standard for optimization innovation. Altitude PBS is the preferred solution for many leading airlines worldwide, trusted to deliver cost savings and maintain crew satisfaction.

A perfect match

Altitude PBS™ (Preferential Bidding System) offers airlines the most powerful and flexible solution available for optimized crew planning.

Built on AD OPT's award-winning optimization engine, Altitude PBS manages the competing requirements that make crew scheduling a complicated and time-consuming task, from crew quality of life considerations and company rules to union regulations and cost constraints.

A solution tailored just for you

Whether your airline operates through a strict seniority or fair share equity approach, Altitude PBS supports three bid models to create highly personalized monthly schedules that satisfy both cockpit and cabin crew preferences while balancing business objectives. Thanks to AD OPT's intuitive iBid Crew Interface, crewmembers can select from over 100 bid options to create a customized system for the unique needs of your operation.

''What-if'' analysis for both planners and crew

With Altitude PBS, planners can test unlimited what-if scenarios to assess all pre-award tasks, such as:

  • pre-assignments
  • training allocations
  • crew activities
  • last minute availabilities

Evaluating the impact of future events helps them develop better strategies and achieve best results. Crew members can also validate bids against existing crew pairings and receive detailed Reasons Reports to explain the results.

Allocates duties and time off to crewmembers, respecting seniority, legality, and bids

Increases productivity and crew satisfaction and minimizes costs

Air Canada, Emirates and WestJet among others prefer this solution

Suzanne Lapointe

Manager, Crew planning and scheduling, Air Transat

James Tarapasky,

Flight Crew Scheduling Manager and PBS Manager, 
Air Canada

Michele Derry

Director operations control, WestJet

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