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Altitude Insight

Strategically plan for optimal flight crew resources with Altitude Insight™. Now with improved short and long-term planning capabilities, it allows you to accurately forecast the impact of future events on manpower requirements, such as new aircraft deliveries and additional flight schedules.

Get a 360° view of crew requirements

Access key information at a glance that would normally take days to compile from various departments. Crew planners gain a dynamic outlook extending several months at a time on:

  • vacation periods
  • pre-assigned crew activities
  • crew availabilities
  • shortages in trained resources

Crew and airline planners work together for best results

Altitude Insight is a flexible and customized solution allowing crew members to participate in the scheduling process. Thanks to its intuitive iBid Crew Interface, crew members can submit bids for transition between categories and their preferred training dates, gaining more control over vacation periods. In return, planners gain superior manpower planning and decision-making capabilities.

Anticipate manpower shortages to save costs and boost ROI

Maintaining a qualified and fully trained crew to meet your daily service needs now and in the future is key to operational efficiency and cost savings. Altitude Insight offers the streamlined resource planning and allocation process you need to anticipate manpower shortages, avoid service disruptions, and gain rapid return on investment.

Streamlines the entire manpower planning process

Just-In-Time training helps optimize your crew training resource utilization and reduces costs

Strategically plans for future crew staffing levels

Trevor Voget

Flight Crew Resources Planning Manager, Qantas

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