Increase Operational Efficiency
and Crew Quality of Life

Altitude Bliss

Airlines required to follow a traditional bidline process can build high quality lines faster than ever, while benefiting from AD OPT’s advanced optimization technology to accommodate crew preferences, rules, policies, and internal growth strategies. A streamlined process that makes crew rostering a snap? Now that’s BLISS!

A bidline process that works for everyone

Altitude BLISS (Bidline Integrated Scheduling System) simplifies the complex process of balancing crew quality of life with operational objectives in one seamless solution, eliminating the need for homegrown alternatives or multi-vendor systems.

Focus on crew satisfaction

Maximizing crew quality of life is at the core of Altitude BLISS. It offers crew members:

  • Remote access through the user-friendly intuitive iBid crew Interface
  • Standing bid protection
  • A fair and efficient way to manage a work/life balance

Crew planners will appreciate:

  • A flexible system to meet operational objectives
  • Accurate and centralized data
  • An automated line analyzer
  • Minimized risk of human error

Airlines gain competitive edge

Altitude BLISS offers a unique approach to balancing crew member and airline needs. It enables airlines to reduce operational costs while making crew quality of life a priority - a smart way to boost employee retention and maintain competitive edge.

You can control bidline quality while accommodating crew preferences

FedEx, ExpressJet and UPS among others use it to streamline scheduling

It can resolve line conflicts intelligently based on your airline’s specific policies

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