Are you ready for the new and improved Altitude Pairing?

We want to keep you on the cutting edge of technology, which is why we are excited to announce the release of a major product upgrade!

V 8.21 of Altitude Pairing, is BETTER, FASTER, and STRONGER.

Our new software will help you increase efficiency and get an edge over competitors.

It’s packed with valuable user features and enhancements.

Version 8.21 is coming your way soon. So let’s get you acquainted with some of its new features and functionalities

So what makes it Better, faster, stronger?

Features benefits
Export to spreadsheet Provides convenient access to pairing data for:
– Creating custom reports and presentations
– Performing statistical analyses
– Communication to external systems
Analysis charts Out-of-the box tools simplify:
– Evaluation and analysis of pairings
– Preparation of reports for the business
Filter Analysis Streamlines workflow
Improves usability and convenience
Filter enhancements Streamlines workflow
Extends analysis capabilities
Improves display on laptops and low resolution screens
Parameters catalog Simplifies search for parameters
Provides reference for new and existing users
Report enhancements Improves display on laptops and low resolution screens
Simplifies access to useful (overview) report
New solver penalties Provides better control over solver outcomes
Parallel Processing Yields substantial reductions in solver (CPU) run times
64-bit CPU support Avoids extended solver run times for large data sets due to “memory swapping”
Extended base support Eliminates previous limitation on the number of crew bases

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